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Beauty masters hands do permanent eyebrow makeup. Minimal trauma to skin. Eyebrow microbla


Brow tattooing is an ideal semi-permanent solution if you:
• want fuller brows.
• have had hair loss due to Cancer treatment,               Alopecia or trauma.
• suffer from skin diseases like Vitiligo.
• have scarring from an accident, burn or surgery.


We use highly specialised cosmetic tattooing techniques to carefully and meticulously implant colour pigment beneath the surface of your skin, to create fine hair strokes that mimic your natural hair growth.  Unlike traditional body tattoos that use pure ink, cosmetic tattooing uses soft tertiary pigments. Over time these pigments are designed to gradually fade. This allows you to change the colour and shape of your enhancements, as your skin changes and your style evolves. 

Initial Session $250

Perfection Session $100


Ombré / Powder Brows

Using a digital machine we are able to create a soft pixelated powdered finish. The Ombre Brow provides you with a soft and natural look, gradually transitioning from a light front to a more saturated body and tail end. We use advanced cosmetic tattoo techniques that provide longer lasting results, inserting thousands of tiny dots of pigment into the skin, building up the desired colour and shape.


Initial Session $300

Perfection Session $100

Important Information

Previous eyebrow tattoo, Pregnant or breastfeeding, On ANY medication (excluding the pill), Any allergies.

1 month before - It is important to avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least one month before your treatment, and one month after your treatment. Sunburn and tanning causes your skin to naturally exfoliate, which can impact how the pigment is absorbed into the skin. If your skin is sunburnt or recently tanned (no fake tan either) at the time of your appointment we will need to cancel and reschedule your treatment and you will forfeit your deposit.

3 days before - If you normally have your eyebrows, or the area being treated, shaped, waxed, threaded or tinted, it is important that you do this AT LEAST 3 days before your treatment. You should avoid all blood thinning medications and supplements for at least 72 hours prior to your treatment. This also includes Vitamin E, Aspirin, Niacin, Ibuprofen and fish oil supplements. Exfoliate and remove any fake tan on the area that will be treated.

48 hours before - do not take any vitamins or supplements at least 48 hours before your treatment. If you have a cold, or are unwell, please contact us asap.

24 hours before - Do not drink any alcohol the night before, or day of your treatment and limit the amount of caffeine you consume.


  • Don't pick or scratch at the dry skin, let it fall off.
    Picking can cause scarring and loss of pigment.

  • Don't apply makeup on or around your brows for the first 2 weeks.

  • Don't thread or wax around the area for 6 weeks.

  • No exercising or sweating for 7 days after.

  • No swimming for first 2 weeks.

  • Don't use below ingredients on your brows/forehead for 6 weeks after your treatment:

        >Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic and Caprylhydroxamic Acids.

        >Benzoyl Peroxide.

        >AHA's + BHA's.


        >Serums or anything with high fruit extract.

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