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Eyelash Extensions

Fully Qualified with over 2 years Experience



$80 Full Set

Classic Eyelash Extensions are used to achieve a natural 'mascara' look. They are applied using one extension per one natural lash. Great for if you are just starting out with Extensions or for mature aged clients.

Lengths available 9mm-13mm



From $100 Full Set

Volume Eyelash Extensions, our most popular option, are used to create a fuller, fluffier and darker look. These are applied from 2-6 extensions per one natural lash.

These can be fully customised to your desired look and have a large range of lengths, curls and thicknesses.

Lengths available 9mm-15mm

Screen Shot 2021-05-02 at 7.03.44 pm.png

Mega Volume

$130 Full Set

Mega Volume Extensions are for the girls who want allll the lashes! They love the super Glam look! These are our super full, thick, darkest lashes we offer. These are applied using 8-15 (some salons offer more) extensions per natural lash. 

It is highly recommended if you have not had Mega Volume before that you have an assessment as they can damage unsuitable natural lashes.

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