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About Us

We want you to become a priority in your life. As women and mothers, we always put ourselves and our choices last. You spend money and time on the kids activities without a second thought. You hold down a job, manage a house and provide love and support to your family. You question the expense of your annual gym membership, whilst your partner goes off on a boys weekend.

Body Boutique Gippsland, wants you to recognise and re-evaluate where you are in your priorities. When you are happy, connected and engaged, then your kids, family, lover, employer and friends all benefit too.

It’s time to accept your body and the reality of your modern lifestyle. We can’t do diet and exercise all the time and even if we did Mother Nature has her own plan.

Accept that your body changes with age, accept that we have a sedentary life, accept that you need to work a job, have a career, manage the kids and the house. Accept that you can’t have the model size 8 body (it is photoshopped anyway). And we need you to accept that you may need just a little bit of help. Love yourself and give yourself a little credit. You are amazing to get through life as it is. Accept how awesome you really are.

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